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Events, news and interviews

2020/12/29 News

Publication of an article in the website of Cadena SER at the program La Ventana about videollama.me.

2020/12/29 Interview

Live Interview at the La Ventana program of the Cadena SER about videollama.me.

2020/12/26 News Publishing of an article in Galicia Confidencial.“Os maiores poderán comunicarse por videoconferencia cos seus familiares tamén en galego”.

2020/12/24 Interview

Interview at Radio Voz de Galicia about videollama.me.

2020/11/30 Event

Invited talk “Herramientas de apoyo a estrategias de desarrollo local” at the 3enRed congress.

2020/11/27 Event

Invited talk “Ni un mayor sin acceso a la tecnología por no saber usarla” at the European Night of the researches.

2020/09/28 News Youtube tutorial Video developed by SEPADACTIVOS by AUPEX.

2020/05 Interview

Interview at the “La Noche” program (between the minutes 11:20-18:30) with Beatriz Pérez Otín about videollama.me.

2020/05 Interview

Live interview (the last 5 minutes) at Popap Program of Catalunya Radio about videollama.me.

2020/04/25 News

Youtube tutorial Video about videollama.me for social networks viral distribution during the covid 2020 pandemia.

2011/12/01 News

I UNG’s Literary Contest results publishing.

2010/09/07 Event

Part taking in the panel discussion “Culture approachment” UEM. Participación en la Mesa Redonda “Acercamiento a las culturas” UEM.

2010/05/14 News

David Nebreda’s return from Zway (Ethiopia).

2010/05/07-19 Event

African film cycle in the Computer Science Faculty of the UPM (Campus de Montegancedo - Sala de Grados. Bloque I). The cycle is organised by TEDECO and coordinated by Ana Jimenez Castellanos. The projected films will be (see projections in the calendar): Wednesday, april 7th 16:00h. Nowhere in Africa (Kenia, 2001), Thursday, april 15th 16:00h. The Last King of Scotland (Uganda, 2006), Thursday, april 22nd 17:30h. Hotel Rwanda (Ruanda, 2004), Monday, april 26th 13:30h. Out of Africa (Kenia, 1985), Monday, may 10th 13:30h. Cry Freedom (Sudáfrica, 1987), Wednesday, may 5th 16:00h. Blood Diamond (Sierra Leona, 2006), Wednesday, may 19th 16:00h. The Constant Gardener (Kenia, 2005)

2010/03/22 News

David Nebreda’s travel to Zway (Ethiopia) to take the first steps in the different fields of collaboration between TEDECO and the College.

2010/03/10 Event

3rd Assembly of the Morfeo Project. This assembly will take place in the Telefonica I+D Auditory (C/ Emilio Vargas, 6, Madrid). TEDECO is invited as it is a Morfeo member.

2010/03/1-2 Event

Presentation of the Uburyo project in the call of the poster of the III International Meeting about ICT in cooperation for development. The presented poster can be downloaded from the project’s website.

2010/02/11 Event

Informative talk about the College of Zway (Ethiopia) in the Computer Science Faculty and presentation of the draft plan of the activities in TEDECO for 2010.

2010/01/8-17 News

Preliminary travel by Francisco J. and Susana Muñoz to the University of the Salesian Congregation of Zway (Ethiopia) to plan future projects.

2009/07/09 News

Interview with Domingo López about his experience in Burundi. Ibercampus digital newspaper.

2009/08-12 News

Start up of the pilot version of the Uburyo Project in Ngozi, Burundi.

2009/05/18 News

New TEDECO website.

2009/05/01 Interview

Computer Science at the service of development. Interview with Susana Muñoz Hernández by the journalist África Gonzalez. Número de Mayo de 2009. Revista mundo negro.

2009/03/04 Interview

Interview with Susana Muñoz Hernández by the journalist Ana Laura Rossario. Blog Educación 2.0: TICS y educación.

2008/12/13 Event

Solidaridanza 2008. III Meeting of World Dances and Solidarity.

2008/12/11 Event

Susana Muñoz, David Pérez-Rey, Jesús Martínez, “E-learning applied to the cooperation as an educational tool for the motivation of teachers and students”. International UPM days about Educational Innovation and European Convergence, INECE 08, Madrid, December 2008.

2008/11/12-14 Event

IV University Congress and Cooperation for Development.

2007/07/7-18 News

A TEDECO member’s stay in the University of Ngozi to agree the details of the TICAMEN project, planned to start up during 2008. Preparation of a draft project to the construction of the sports facilities in the University of Ngozi.

2007/09/13 Event

A talk in the University of Ngozi to inform about the UPM, the cooperation groups, TEDECO and its TESON project to the students and the staff of the University of Ngozi.

2007/09/14 News

A TEDECO member’s visit with a delegation from the Vecinos sin Fronteras NGO to a pygmy village in the suburbs of Ngozi, within a series of prospection activities for a sustainable turism development project (respecting the biodiversity) in Burundi.

2007/07/20-08/23 News

A TEDECO member’s stay in Ngozi, a student from the Computer Science Faculty, to teach Programming Methodology lessons in the University of Ngozi.

2007/07/27-30 Event

Two TEDECO members' presence (Belén Cañon, Genoveva Galarza) in the Seminar in Good Practices in University Cooperation for Development in Africa, in the University of Cadiz and in the University of Abdelmalek Essaadi in Tanger. The TESON project was presented here in a poster, in an exhibition with more projects from other Spanish universities. Ver el programa. Ver el poster.

2007/05/25-06-23 News

Teaching stay for the impartition of a programming course in C and introduction to C++.

2007/04 News

A TEDECO member’s stay in the University of Ngozi for the eduction of the requirements for the update of the computer systems of the administration in the University of Ngozi.

2007/03/28 Event

Informative talk in the SICFIMA cultural week of the Computer Science Faculty.

2007/03 News

Technical stay in the University of Ngozi of three TEDECO members (Jesús Martínez, Álvaro Ojopi and Manuel Estébanez)for the set up of a satellite dish, its configuration and start up, installation of the Cyber and the accomplishment of the Intranet’s cabling in the University of Ngozi.

2007/02 News

Teaching stay (Database subject) of a TEDECO member in the University of Ngozi.

2007/01-02 News

Visit to the University of Ngozi for the start up of the TESON Project. Prospective visit to the Democrativ Republic of the Congo (Uvira, Bukavu) to prepare future cooperation projects.

2007/01/24 Interview

Radio interview in Radio 3’s UNED’s program.

2006/12/16 Event

I Solidaridanza Madrid Meeting 2006.

2006/12/3 Event

Informative talk about University of Ngozi in Matadero3Teatro space.

2006/11/29 Interview

Radio interview in Radio 3’s UNED’s program.

2006/11/17 Interview

Radio interview in Radio 5 Todo Noticias from RNE Mundo Solidario space.

2006/11/16 Interview

Radio interview in Radio 5 Todo Noticias from RNE Mundo Solidario space.

2006/10/26 Event

“Cooperation with the Developing Countries from the Computer Science Faculty” talk.

2006/07-08 News

Teaching stay (Hardware Maintainance subjects and Basic Concepts in Systems' administration) and and technical stay in University of Ngozi by 2 students from the Computer Science School (Jesús Martínez and Álvaro Ojopi).

2006/03-04 News

Teaching stay (Java programming, Teleinformatics, and Logical Systems and Circuits subject) in the University of Ngozi by 3 teachers (Mariano Hermida de la Rica, Susana Muñoz Hernández and Francisco José Jiménez Martínez).

2006/02/17-03/09 News

Digital electronics and VHDL course impartation .